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Step 1

Got An Idea?

Perhaps you have an idea for a story, but you are struggling to get started? We can help you write and edit it.

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Step 2

Need Next Steps

Finding the perfect illustrator can be tricky – we have a great choice on the team so you can bring your story to life.

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Step 3

Decisions Decisions

Creating the finished product requires time and dedication on the final layout. We can help you get the ideal format.

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Step 4

Book In Your Hands

The finished book is just the start – we’ll help you get it distributed and publicised.

Slide Maini Meet the author Maini has co-authored 13 books ranging from a classic fairy tale through to a story about a vegan crocodile. Read more (button to Meet the Team page, under About)

Two new titles in the ‘Dare To Be Different’ Series will be published in July

Pizza the Cat

When your tum is sore, the last thing you need is your gran giving you more food. Little Pizza doesn’t want to hurt his nonna’s feelings, so he keeps quiet about his tummy troubles until one day he can’t hide it anymore.

Daisy the Dog

All dogs love exercise, don’t they?
Not Daisy. She’s always looking for reasons to get out of running around with her sister Jen. Jen never sits still, ever. How will there mum find a way for them to be together that suits them both?

Watch out for these titles becoming available to buy online. Search Maini Books on Amazon for all available titles.

Kid Character'


Book packages

Maini Books offers a range of book publishing packages to suit all authors and budgets. Below are our standard offers but we can also tailor-make the perfect package for your needs.

  • Bronze
  • £ 250.00
  • Our bronze package gives you a step-by-step process to follow to get you started on your book publishing journey.
  • Gold
  • £ 1250.00
  • Our most popular package – we help you with some of the trickier aspects of publishing your book.
  • Platinum
  • £ 1650.00
  • In Platinum package, we’ll hold your hand throughout the entire journey from book concept to seeing your story available to buy online.
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