Introducing The New Kid on the Block in Children’s Book Publishers – Maini Books

If you’ve ever thought about writing a children’s book or if you have written one, you will probably know a little bit about children’s book publishers.

Traditional large publishing houses receive up to 5000 manuscripts each year and of those only 5-10 will be published. As a result, authors have turned to other options for publishing.

Amazon Kindle is one of the most common ways that new authors can ensure that someone else apart from their partner or kids gets to read their book.

Maini Books, a new independent children’s book publisher, was born during the first COVID lockdown in Spring 2020. Started by photographer Maini Singh, the company publishes its own children’s books and those of other authors.

’’Maini Books ethos is to provide a full-service publishing experience for authors including story development, creative co-writing, illustration, layout design, self-publishing and marketing.”


“Publishing a book can be a tricky project and many people aren’t sure where to start, so Maini Books helps take away the mystery and frustrations in the process.’’

Advantages over traditional children’s book publishers

As a new children’s book publishers, Maini Books is not inundated with manuscripts (yet) so if you are looking to go to market in 2021 and you need support to do that, please get in touch.


Costs of writing an illustrated children’s book can escalate fast due to the complex nature of the layout and of course finding the right illustrator to do the drawings. Maini Books has a network of experienced professionals that we use frequently to provide beautiful artwork and layout at affordable rates.


Maini Books writes and publishes our own books, so we understand how authors feel and how they become attached to the characters in the book, so we work with you to create an interpretation of your character that works both for you and the current market.


Recently we worked with Jodie Webber to support her first children’s book ‘Mystic Bunny Boy Walks the Rainbow’, a delightful meditation within a story to help children fall asleep more easily.


Author Jodie said: 

‘I don’t think I’d actually have a book without the help of Maini and the Maini Books team! 

When I decided I was going to produce my book (which had been in my head for well over a year) I started investigating how to go about it… like most, I turned to Google! 

There was an abundance of information about publishers, self-publishing, independent publishing… it was truly mind boggling, and nowhere could I find the answers I needed – quite simply, who and what did I need?! 

I started making enquiries with illustrators (I knew I needed one of those!), without much success, and started to feel a bit despondent. Then a friend of mine recommended I chat to Maini, and we clicked instantly! 


Having produced several of her own children’s books already, Maini was well aware of the confusion and frustration you feel when you are first starting out! She kindly offered to hold my hand, and teach me the things I needed to do, and was a real godsend! Maini has done everything from finding the right illustrator to get my vision created, to working through setting me up on Amazon, to teaching me how to use my author account, to getting proof copies organised and going live… the whole shebang! Best of all, this was all for a one-off fee, so I don’t have to lose any commission on my sales, and I have the confidence and skills to do things for myself next time (although I will of course go back to Maini Books!) 

Maini supported me tirelessly, and I genuinely felt that she was as invested in making my project a success as I was! We were trying to work to a very tight deadline to launch before Christmas, and there would often be late night and weekend emails, but always with passion and care for helping me achieve what I didn’t think was possible! 

Honestly, I cannot recommend Maini and the team highly enough!’


If you’d like to experience a fuss-free process to publishing your next book and find out how this new children’s book publishers can support you, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat a
(212) 862-3680
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