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Maini Books Independent book publisher –
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Independent book publisher London, UK, Maini Books offers new and more established authors from all over the world a lifeline through the complex and time-consuming process of taking your manuscript from your initial concept to publication everywhere.

Offering a one-stop-shop of writing, editing, illustration, layout, design, and publishing, we are with you every step of the way. We are there to guide you, but all the credit for your book will go to you. Your name is on the front cover, you receive your royalties direct, so you’ll always be in control and own all the copyright outright.

As an independent book publisher in the UK, Maini Books knows that authors often find the process of getting their book published daunting and overwhelming.

They aren’t sure where to start and who to trust to help them with their project.

Getting your story out of your head is just the beginning. Making it available to the world so that everyone can enjoy your work is often where authors need help.

The advantage of an independent book publisher is that whilst you are working with us, our team is completely focused on bringing your book to market successfully. You’ll get access to experienced editors who can polish your words if needed and a range of diverse, talented illustrators to bring your vision to life. We’ll help you put in place a marketing strategy to ensure your book reaches the right audience. And all while ensuring that you are included in the decision-making at all stages.

Using an independent book publisher reduces your frustration

Our publishing packages ease your journey to published author, giving you clarity on the next steps and enabling you to budget accurately for the costs to bring your book to market.

The world of children’s books is competitive, but that’s no reason to delay publishing your book any longer.

The different options for publishing

You might have considered attempting to self-publish and felt completely out of your depth with sourcing illustrators, layout designers, ISBN numbers and all the other tasks you need to complete to publish your book. There are organisations that will take money upfront plus a huge percentage of your royalties to get your book on the market, so you end up with barely any return for your efforts. These are often called vanity press and should be avoided.

Traditional publishers generally don’t charge a fee to bring your book to market but they take a large percentage of the sales, so your royalties are significantly reduced.

At Maini Books, our model is pretty unique – we take an upfront fee to help you edit, illustrate and do cover and layout design where needed. We provide the ISBN for your book and we assist you to load your book online using your own accounts, so that all royalties come directly to you – we do not take a cut of the sales you make. That means once you’ve paid for your package, you owe us nothing more. We can provide an additional service to help you with marketing your book should you choose this, but you have complete creative and marketing control, and you receive the all the credit and the royalties for your work.

Slide I don't think I'd actually have a book without the help of Maini and the Maini Books team! When I decided I was going to produce my book (which had been in my head for well over a year) I starting investigating how to go about it... like most, I turned to Google!

There was an abundance of information about publishers, self publishing, independent publishing... it was truly mind boggling, and no where could I find the answers I needed - quite simply, who and what did I need?! I started making enquiries with illustrators (I knew I needed one of those!), without much success, and started to feel a bit despondent.

Then a friend of mine recommended I chat to Maini, and we clicked instantly! Having produced several of her own childrens books already, Maini was well aware of the confusion and frustration you feel when you are first starting out! She kindly offered to hold my hand, and teach me the things I needed to do, and was a real godsend! Maini has done everything from finding the right illustrator to get my vision created, to working through setting me up on Amazon, to teaching me how to use my author account, to getting proof copies organised and going live... the whole shebang! Best of all, this was all for a one off fee, so I don't have to loose any commission on my sales, and I have the confidence and skills to do things for myself next time (although I will of course go back to Maini Books!)

Honestly, I cannot recommend Maini and the team highly enough!

-Jodie Webber

About Maini

Maini is the founder of Maini Books. She is a commercial photographer who started her own independent book publishing house after her own struggles to find the right support for her first book five years ago.

Maini has several key strength areas including a deep understanding of visuals and aesthetics, sourcing the perfect illustrator from her growing team, assisting with layout and cover design and ensuring that you have everything you need to press the publish button on your project.

Maini has built a solid team of talented professionals to support you from concept to publication.

If you would like to know more about our packages, get in touch with us today.

Send us a sample reading or chapter of your book if you like.

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