Book Publisher Company London, UK

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Step 1

Got An Idea?

Perhaps you have an idea for a story, but you are struggling to get started? We can help you write and edit it.

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Step 2

Need Next Steps

Finding the perfect illustrator can be tricky – we have a great choice on the team so you can bring your story to life.

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Step 3

Decisions Decisions

Creating the finished product requires time and dedication on the final layout. We can help you get the ideal format.

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Step 4

Book In Your Hand

The finished book is just the start – we’ll help you get it distributed and publicised.

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getting your book to market

Book Publisher Company London, UK, Maini Books is an independent book publisher specialising in illustrated children’s books. Your book is important. Whether you have been working on it for many months (or sometimes even years) or you’ve just had the idea for a story, the process of getting your book to market is exciting, but often a bit daunting. You may need guidance on what steps you need to take and in what order. Our comprehensive book publishing package can take you from initial story concept to book available on Amazon over the course of around 3 months. Do you have a pet, child or other relative that you would like to base a book on? We can help you write, illustrate and publish a personalised book as a birthday or anniversary gift for your loved one or even publish it worldwide for sale. See our range of packages below...

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Book packages

Maini Books is an independent book publisher specialising in illustrated children’s books. Our ethos is to help new authors navigate the maze of book publishing, taking them from initial concept to getting their books into readers’ hands. Our model enables authors to understand clearly what the upfront costs are, and we do not take any royalties or copyright from you, so you retain complete creative and financial control.

  • Bronze
  • £ 250.00
  • Our bronze package gives you a step-by-step process to follow to get you started on your book publishing journey.
  • Gold
  • £ 1250.00
  • Our most popular package – we help you with some of the trickier aspects of publishing your book.
  • Platinum
  • £ 1650.00
  • We’ll hold your hand throughout the entire journey from book concept to seeing your story available to buy online.
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