The Dare To Be Different Series – Celebrating Differences

Many schools have themed weeks on celebrating differences to help children understand that we are not all the same and that others might have health issues, cultural traditions or beliefs that set them apart from others.

Such work is vital to create a tolerant and accepting society where individual beliefs, physical or mental limitations and achievements are celebrated and respected.

The Dare to be Different series currently comprises 10 books each featuring a different animal character who is managing a health challenge or has a different way of life to those around them.

At present, there are four books currently published with six more due to be published during 2021. This post will discuss the first two books to be published.

In a world where children are increasingly exposed to a wider spectrum of society these books can help parents, teachers and carers to explore challenging topics in a sensitive and often light-hearted way


Celebrating Differences Through Children’s Literature

Helping children to understand diversity and inclusion from an early age is vital. Early years teaching from nursery through to primary school is the best time to explore cultural differences and promote awareness of challenges, such as physical or mental health issues that children may be facing. 


Nutty the Squirrel

This book features Nutty, a very keen industrious little squirrel whose ambition is to help in the family business. Sadly, Nutty has a nut allergy and the family business is a nut factory, so life is difficult for him. This story helps children to understand that although nut allergy is a very serious issue, there is still a role for Nutty and he can make a great contribution to the family business.


Pete the Lion

The topic for this book is insomnia. Many children struggle with sleep issues and this can have a profound effect on their health and wellbeing, as well as that of their parents. Helping children to understand that sleep struggles are common means they can empathise with friends, siblings or just feel less alone if they have sleep problems.


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